8 Bad Habits to Avoid in Business Life

Working people spend most of their day at work. Therefore, daily life habits are shaped accordingly. If we are sitting and working, a more sedentary life and abundant consumption of tea and coffee are waiting for us. All these habits we have acquired can become a threat to our health over time. Here are some of those bad habits that should be avoided in business life!

Starting the day without breakfast

Waking up late in the morning is a big obstacle to our breakfast. People who get up late and go to work in a hurry usually try to have their breakfast with foods such as pastry, bagels and ready-made fruit juice. However, this situation greatly reduces the work efficiency. This is because our food stores are empty at night. Our body wants to be fed in a varied, healthy and adequate way in a new day.

Not giving him the nutrients he wants means not performing well both physically and mentally. A good breakfast means that all systems in our body work effectively. Therefore, prepare a varied, adequate and healthy breakfast in the morning instead of low-nutrient foods. Remember! Breakfast; accelerates the metabolism, provides an energetic start to the day, supports the digestive system, brings your blood sugar to the desired levels and gives a feeling of calm.

sitting for a long time

In particular, desk workers work sitting for long periods of time. Due to the nature of the business, this is quite normal. However, sitting constantly causes some deformations. When sitting for a long time, the circulatory system is badly affected, the body becomes fat, the pancreas works excessively, and the muscle and bone structure is deteriorated. Among all these negative effects, the most prominent one is the occurrence of posture disorders.

When sitting for a long time, muscle tensions and muscle weakness occur and the natural structure of the spine is disrupted. This causes posture disorders such as kyphosis and lordosis. Therefore, walking to work as much as possible and not using the elevator. In addition, small walks and stretching movements should be done every hour while working. During lunch breaks, you should walk to dinner and move as much as possible.

Consuming harmful foods

Intensive working hours bring harmful eating habits with them. Many people have harmful habits and consuming fast food due to busy working hours and meetings. Processed foods and fast food-style foods cause lubrication, cardiovascular problems and many other health problems. Therefore, there should be healthy snacks at work and lunch should be chosen among healthy home meals.

sleep deprivation

Sleep is an invaluable blessing for our body. Many physical and mental adjustments take place during sleep. Not getting enough sleep means a decrease in performance both physically and mentally. For this reason, night sleeps must be made absolutely, and sleep debts must be paid. Sleep should be carried out in a cool room without technological devices, sound and light. Tea, coffee, alcohol and food should not be consumed before sleep. Sleep is just as important as nutrition!

not doing sports

It is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made to stay away from social activities and sports by diving into the hustle and bustle of business life. Many people do not engage in sports by saying «I can’t tire myself with it». Yes, sports give you fatigue. But this takes a maximum of 1 week! Afterwards, a life in which you perform physically and spiritually awaits you. Because your pain threshold rises and your blood circulation increases. This means easy and high performance days.

To smoke

Smoking is harmful to all people. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals. These chemicals cause sensory loss, cancer types, fatigue, bad breath, stress, insomnia and many other problems.

Smoking at work affects performance in many ways. First of all, although many people think of smoking as a concentration enhancer, it is a complete distraction. Because over time, you can’t do a job without smoking. That’s why you constantly take breaks from smoking. You run out of time trying to concentrate. Running out of time creates panic and stress in you. For this reason, smoking is a very harmful habit throughout life, especially in business life.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee

Sitting workers consume a lot of tea and coffee without realizing it. Yes, caffeine helps you focus for a short time. But that’s the only benefit. Tea and coffee cannot replace water. Drinking tea and coffee constantly means that vitamins and minerals are not fully absorbed and removed from the body. Therefore, excessive consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided.

not drinking enough water

As we said in the previous article, many people consume tea and coffee instead of water while working. In addition, he forgets to drink water. But water is very important for our body to continue its functions. Consuming the amount of water that should be consumed daily; It prevents bad breath, adds health to the skin and hair, is necessary for brain activities, is good for digestive system problems, and is heart-friendly.

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