8 Most Beautiful Cycling Tracks in Istanbul

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable, fun and healthy activities in the world . This sport is also one of the most common means of transportation and sports in the world. Bicycle Istanbul has not been fully integrated for life. But lately, interest in cycling has been increasing day by day. On the other hand, the fact that the bicycle cannot be fully integrated into the life of Istanbul does not mean that there are no beautiful routes! Here are the 8 most beautiful bike tracks in Istanbul.

Caddebostan Beach

Caddebostan Beach, which is one of the frequent destinations of those who love cycling on the Anatolian Side, has a length of 5 km. Here you can not only bike, but also skateboard, skate, walk. You can also drink your tea and coffee by throwing yourself on the greens after cycling. You have to come here all day on weekdays or early on the weekend. Because it can get a little crowded on the weekend.


There are two good options in the Islands, where the people of Istanbul and the tourists who come to Istanbul are deeply attached to. There is transportation to 5 of this island community, which has 9 in total. Heybeliada and Büyükada are the best places to cycle from these 5 islands. Büyükada is preferred more often with its long tracks. The big tour on Büyükada has a length of 11.7 km, and the small tour has a length of 6.2 km.

Ortakoy- Yenikoy Beach

Ortaköy-Yeniköy coastline, one of the popular routes of the European Side, is a magnificent route for those who want to ride a bike with its sea air and view. On this route, which has a length of 10.5 km, you can not only cycle but also jog and walk.

Bakırköy- Zeytinburnu Beach

Bakırköy- Zeytinburnu line, which is another stopover point for those who enjoy cycling in the company of sea air, is a place of great interest. That’s why many people who come to picnic prefer this place. If you want to choose this place, you should take care to arrive early.


Polonezköy, which is loved by the people of Istanbul, is located on the Anatolian side. You can go by bike to this place, which has a 5 km track, or you can rent your bike there. Apart from cycling, you can walk on the walking paths in the forest. Also, when you come here, don’t forget to start the day with a nice breakfast and stop by the self-catering places!

Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest, one of the most enjoyable green areas of Istanbul, is perfect for those who like to cycle on rough terrain. In this place, which has a 20.5-kilometer track, there is an alternative 5 km-long route. Here you can ride a bike or take pleasant walks.

Golden Horn — Balat Beach

Another route that is quite enjoyable even though it does not give a Bosphorus feel is the Golden Horn-Balat Beach. If you want, you can add the Historical Peninsula, Galata Bridge, Kasımpaşa, Hasköy and Halıcıoğlu Bridge to this route. In this way, your route becomes 17 kilometers. While continuing on this route, do not forget to witness the beauties of historical monuments!

Rumeli Feneri — Kilyos

Rumeli Feneri, the most extreme point of Istanbul on the Black Sea, is a very good choice for bicycle lovers. Because this place is close to the city and very quiet. This route, which does not exceed 80 kilometers, can be chosen on a beautiful spring or summer day. Even the bike ride can be finished with a nice seaside pleasure.

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