How to Increase Concentration While Exercising?

The concentration we need in every aspect of life has become one of the greatest challenges of the modern world. It’s really hard to stay focused on one thing in the midst of so many distractions. In order to achieve a successful result when doing any physical activity, it is necessary to have a certain level of mental control.

Many factors such as unhealthy diet before exercise and images, sounds, smells, mental perceptions from the environment, pressure during exercise can be counted among the biggest enemies of concentration. This kind of distraction from the details that make concentration difficult and focusing on the goal makes it easier to achieve success with maximum performance. It is necessary to be able to control emotions and thoughts in order to concentrate and focus.

It doesn’t matter if you are exercising at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The most important step for success is to ensure concentration while exercising. In order to achieve concentration, the body and mind must work in an integrated manner. So, what should be done to get away from the factors that reduce concentration and to increase concentration while exercising?

1. Identify Distractions

There may be many elements in your environment that can distract you. If this situation continues during exercise, your concentration will definitely drop. In order to get rid of this negative situation, it is very important to identify the distracting elements before starting the exercise.

2. Focus on the Goal

Focusing on the most successful result in your exercise can allow you to perform more concentrated. Starting exercise by targeting your own best performance improves your concentration. When necessary, you can take breaks and think about your goal and continue exercising again.

3. Calm Your Mind Before Exercise

Thinking about the difficulty level of the exercise and whether you will be successful in the exercise before you start the exercise causes distraction. Therefore, instead of thinking about them before starting the exercise, you can calm your mind with meditation or breathing exercises that will increase your concentration. At the same time “I can do it, I can do it, don’t give up!” You can motivate yourself with positive statements such as: Such positive statements calm your mind and allow positive emotions to surround your mind.

4. Visualize and Focus

Visualizing to achieve something you want, dreaming of what you want has become a common behavior lately. You can also use this situation to benefit your training. Before the exercise you will do, you can imagine yourself doing that exercise successfully and completing it. Imagination provides mental practice. Positive mental practice will also increase your concentration and performance.

5. Stay in the Moment During Exercise

Stay in the Moment During Exercise

Try to enjoy the exercise you are doing at the time of exercise. In order to enjoy the exercise you are doing, put the external factors, thoughts and problems on the shelf during the exercise. Thinking about other things can distract you from exercise. This, in turn, can reduce your concentration and cause your physical efforts to be in vain. However, if you can put all the problems aside and stay in the moment during the exercise, you can reach your goal faster with high concentration.

5. Take Care of Healthy Eating

It is always necessary to pay attention to a healthy diet and to consume enough water. However, it is necessary to pay more attention to good nutrition and drinking enough water before exercise. Your mind cannot reach its full potential unless you eat well and consume enough water. This negatively affects concentration during exercise. In addition, if your stomach is empty and you do heavy exercises, this also affects your health.

6. Take Care of Your Attire

Take Care of Your Attire

The easiest way to get into the mood for exercise, to enjoy exercise and to exercise comfortably is to dress appropriately for that environment. Exercise at home or in the gym. When sports clothes specially designed for exercise are preferred, it will be easier to focus attention as the body will not be uncomfortable. Wearing clothes that will interrupt the exercise and make the body uncomfortable will prevent you from focusing on the physical activity you are in.

7. Take Short Breaks Between Exercises

Pushing the limits while exercising can cause physical and psychological wear and tear. In order to prevent these wear and tear, you need to take a break from your exercise and continue without skipping small breaks. When you force yourself without rest breaks, you may feel psychological pressure. This negatively affects your concentration and performance.

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